Water faucet and park bench

In 2006 I did a cross country trip from Maryland to New York City shot back over to the Silicon Valley. On my journey, I stopped off at Arches National Park. The weather wasn’t as you would always see it in the magazines, brochures or in the other photos everyone just loves to show off 😉

But with me, it doesn’t matter what the weather is like. I will find memorable story telling moments in time. I was at the campground near the Devils Garden Trailhead when I took this shot.

In this type of environment, you would probably consider water to be a major necessity. But in my situation, I happen to be traveling during a “rare” rain storm activity. I took this shot about an hour or two before the park rangers started evacuating everyone form the low land areas in order to avoid the flash floods.

You can see how the depth of field is used to separate the faucet from the rest of the story, but to a point where it is still attached to the story itself..

Water faucet and park bench with tall rocky formation in background. Floor is bedded with small gravel rocks.

Image Stats: [Canon 10D]

| Aperture: f/7.1 | Shutter: 1/90 | ISO: 200 | Focal: 25mm |


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