Fire Red Ceramic Tiled Wall

Another reason why you should always have a camera in hand or very very very, did I say very close to you. And don’t forget the tri-pod.

I cannot reinforce enough times how important it is for you to properly frame the image. Always pretend as if Adobe’s Photoshop didn’t exist. Get your shot right the first time. Otherwise, delete it from your card and shoot it over till you get it right.

One of the important points of framing is to see if this image will work in both orientations, portrait and landscape. Once again, go back to the Adobe’s Photoshop doesn’t exist. I know, that just send chills down my spine. The last thing you ever want to do is to force one orientation to another. It generally will not work.

You can look at Fire Red Ceramic Tiled Wall II to see what I am talking about.

This image was taken in a restaurant. Keep in mind, restaurants spend tons of money on ambiance. Which means, it is a perfect place for you to find images to capture.

Fire Red Ceramic Tiled Wall

Fire Red Ceramic Tiled Wall

Image Stats: [Canon 5D MII]

| Aperture: f/5 | Shutter: 5s | ISO: 100 | Focal: 180mm |


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