Reflection of Stone on Wet Sandy Beach

Persepctive is important in your photography. Our normal perspective is on the average of six inches down from the top of your head. Don’t be afraid to take your camera and move that perspective.

When you have a camera, you have authority to get down and dirty 🙂

When you are dealing with a moving subject like water. And water has a habit of not doing the exact same thing twice. Study the movement of your subject. Try to visualize how you want to take the shot. Try not to take to long to figure this out. May lose valuable light while you try to get your game plan ready. You are going to want to invest your time once you are in position trying to capture the right shot.

This shot was a lot easier to take than my Ocean Sea Bubbles Washing Ashore shot.

Reflection of Stone on Wet Sandy Beach

Image Stats: [Canon 5D MII]

| Aperture: f/7.1 | Shutter: 1/250 | ISO: 200 | Focal: 135mm |


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