Camcorder by Anna

Anna, this is an interesting shot. Normally, you would want to capture a product in full glory. That is, covered with strong lighting. A great part of your subject is covered in darkness but you show enough of the subject to give slight hints to its potential. This would be perfect for a teaser advertisement on a new product coming out without telling to much about it.

The placement of your subject is good. It dominates the whole story. You know exactly what it is. You could have also pulled back a lot here if you had some action going on in the background to relate your background to your main subject.

Critique Questions for You:

  1. Is this be best angle you saw for this subject? What kind of image would you have captured if you either moved yourself around the subject or move the subject around its axis.
  2. Was this the best lighting for your subject. Light is important. That doesn’t mean that you actually need light, but keep in mind what your message is through the photo. If you are just capturing the image with its inherent message, then just capture it.


  • In addition to looking for various angles for your subject, you should experiment with how your subject is position in your composition.
  • Remember your rule of thirds. They work, this also helps you notice the environment your subject is in.

You can see more of Anna’s captured images by either visiting her blog or her flickr portfolio at

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