Covered Grilled by Anna

Here is my response for Anna’s first of three images for her photography assignment. I had asked Anna to photograph three things that a Dad would want or would receive for Father’s Day. Anna was to photograph these objects in a way that would sell the photo with a marketing or advertisement flair. This was chosen because Father’s Day was only a couple of days away.

Anna, I like that you chose the grill. This is completely related to a Dad gift. And you did well to keep it covered, something that is a different look that you would not usually see. This does add a nice little hint of suspense since a Dad would would be dying to figure out what kind is it.

You have good composition, you may have wanted to pull back a bit on the zoom. This would add enough of the environment around your subject to blend. The only thing this image is lacking on is lighting. This photo look like you shot it with heavy overcast. I must have been raining. But you did well with you did. I like what you captured.

Critique Questions for You:

  1. Is this be best angle you saw for this subject? You shot this with a wooded area as your background. What would it look like if you shot this from the woods toward your subject. What kind shot would you have captured.
  2. Is this the best lighting you can receive for this subject. If you do not want to move a subject, was this the best time of day to shoot if you have unrestrictive access to your subject.
  3. Did the tarp cover have any logos or designs you could have taken advantage of in order to enhance the image.


  • Always look for different angles before you shoot. Unless your subject is moving, then shoot while YOU are moving.
  • Look at how the light is washing over your subject. Shoot now and come back when the light changes and shoot again. Hey, it’s digital.
  • You did well with capturing this image head on and with the eye level equal to your subject. Because it is covered, this restricts your creativity with changing the viewing angle of your subject.

Anna is a young photographer with a lot of potential in her skill if she wishes to pursue her photography to the next level. I hope she does, she has an eye and just needs to get out there and shoot shoot shoot. You can see more of Anna’s captured images by either visiting her blog or her flickr portfolio at

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