Independence Day Tea Party 2009 with Richard Geno

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For our Independence Day Tea Party, we had the pleasure to speak with Richard Geno. Richard Geno is the president of The Conservative Forum. Richard provides general oversight of the organization working with each of the board and executive committee members. In addition to his duties as president, Richard is active in the Media Committee, BACORP (college outreach program), and submitting letters to the editor in coordination with the Writers group.

The Silicon Valley Tea Party Patriots is a non-partisan movement aimed at bringing fiscal responsibility, limited government, and the free-market principles that our country was founded on back to government. It’s time to stop the politicians from spending money they don’t have, stop them from mortgaging the future or our children, and to force them to actually read the legislation they sign. We simply want to bring reason back to government. For more information on the Silicon Valley Tea Party Patriots visit us at


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