Camcorder by Anna

Anna, this is an interesting shot. Normally, you would want to capture a product in full glory. That is, covered with strong lighting. A great part of your subject is covered in darkness but you show enough of the subject to give slight hints to its potential. This would be perfect for a teaser advertisement on a new product coming out without telling to much about it.

The placement of your subject is good. It dominates the whole story. You know exactly what it is. You could have also pulled back a lot here if you had some action going on in the background to relate your background to your main subject.

Critique Questions for You:

  1. Is this be best angle you saw for this subject? What kind of image would you have captured if you either moved yourself around the subject or move the subject around its axis.
  2. Was this the best lighting for your subject. Light is important. That doesn’t mean that you actually need light, but keep in mind what your message is through the photo. If you are just capturing the image with its inherent message, then just capture it.


  • In addition to looking for various angles for your subject, you should experiment with how your subject is position in your composition.
  • Remember your rule of thirds. They work, this also helps you notice the environment your subject is in.

You can see more of Anna’s captured images by either visiting her blog or her flickr portfolio at

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    Ni Ki Cruz Photography Workshop Mediacast Trailer

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    Opening sequence used for the photography workshop mediacast. Please feel free to let me know what you think. I’m always looking for ways to improve.

    I’m not sure why but the flash version converted by is not as sharp as the source video. My previous video conversion was of a better quality. You can see the higher resolution by clicking here.

    Ni Ki Cruz Photography Newsletter [09-154]

    Ni Ki Cruz Photography Newsletter

    Ni Ki Cruz Photography Newsletter

    Dear Shutterbug

    Photography isn’t just a hobby or a business, it is a language to its own. Through photography you are able to speak to people across the world and across time without having to say one word. A photo composed properly will show the emotion of both the subject and the photographer. A photographer sees what a photographer sees. And it is not easy to convey that into hundreds or thousands of words where one image would work.

    Pick up a camera to share your vision and experience to friends and strangers. Capturing moments is more than just placing memories in a book or in a digital folder. Capturing moments is about telling stories, either about your travels, life or that of your subject. Do your best to always push the envelope of your photography skills, tell a story in the image. Take a photo, and ask a friend what story does it tell them. Compare that to the story you thought you captured. Enjoy.

    table of contents

    Photography Workshop Mediacast: Canon 5D Mark II Firmware Upgrade and Test
    Photo Tip of the Week: 3 Tips to Getting Sharper Photos (Part 1 of 3)
    Camera Equipment and Accessory Reviews: Photoflex LiteDisc Circular Reflector, White Translucent, 12″
    Show Us What You Got Reader’s Photo Submission: Liz Fisher (Merced, CA)
    Get Ready for our Next Outdoor Photography Workshop
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    Apple Releases Aperture Update 2.1.3

    Apple has released a new update to its Aperture 2 product. The update is recommended for all Aperture 2 users. According to Apple:

    This update improves overall stability and provides fixes for issues related to database integrity and compatibility with specific file types. The issues addressed include:

    • Nikon images imported directly from a camera now display thumbnails correctly in the Import window.
    • Fixed an issue that could cause duplicate image versions to be created after rebuilding a library.
    • Fixed a library issue that prevented operation of the Relocate or Consolidate commands in some circumstances.

    For detailed information on this update, please visit this website:

    Apple Digital Camera Raw Compatibility Update (2.4)

    For those Aperture users who where, or many not surprise that Apple’s Aperture software didn’t recognize Canon’s camera raw format version 2 (.CR2), the update is out.

    The update is an automatic download when the Apple Software Update runs. The Digital Camera Raw Compatibility Update 2.4 is a small 4MB download and installs without the need for a reboot. If you need to download it, click on this link.

    If you have already imported your CR2 raw files into Aperture, prior to the update, you will need perform the migration function in oder to properly view these files.

    In Aperture, do a search for or just select all your .CR2 files. Once selected, go to the FILE pulldown menu and select the MIGRATE IMAGES option. If you are not a power use, just use the default option on the first dialog box that comes up. Another dialog box will/may appear if you have selected files other than your .CR2 raw files. Make sure you have selected to upgrade your RAW files. Non-RAW files will not be affected by the migration.


    Apple Aperture Not Compatible with Canon’s Camera Raw

    Of course, this would happen. I get all happy about receiving my Canon 5D Mark II today, I take some test shots, and they look sweet after playing around with the new settings for the 5D MII. After importing them into Aperture, you are “happy” to learn that Aperture does not recognize the format 😦 Crap!

    Oh well, don’t give up. There is a work around. When Apple lets you down, go to Adobe. And I don’t mean go out and get Adobe’s Lightroom, its version of Aperture. Adobe has an application called Digital Negative (DNG) Converter. This allows you to convert unrecognized raw formats to a workable format in Aperture. This has worked for me before.

    The speed of the process will depend on how fast your computer is. These are 21MB raw files you are now dealing with. Download the latest version and copy all of your .CR2 files you shot with the 5D MII into a separate folder.

    After you open the DNG Converter application, in section 1, select the folder your .CR2 files are in. For section 2, you can either leave them in the same folder or have the coverted files moved to a new folder. Moving them to a new folder will make it easier for you to import the DNG files. Leave section 3 alone.

    For section 4, I would recommend the following options you see on the graphic provided below.

    Adobe Digital Negative (DNG) Converter Preferences

    NOTE: Do not delete your original .CR2 files. Apple will come out with a RAW file update.

    And don't forget to backup your files as well.