NKCP Photography Workshop Mediacast [09-167]

In this episode we go over the many different ways on how you can use a flash to constantly change the feel and look of your subject.

Here are links to some of the equipment covered in this episode:

  • Canon 5D Mark II
  • Canon 550EX Speedlite
  • Tamron Telephoto SP AF 90mm f/2.8 Di Macro
  • Canon OC-E3 Off Camera Shoe Cord 3
  • Sto-Fen #OM-EY Omni-Bounce
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    Canon 5D Mark II Firmware Upgrade and Test

    The long awaited firmware upgrade has finally been released. Thank you Canon. I have documented the upgrade download, installation and quick testing of the Canon 5D Mark II. I am sure we will see a lot more production with the Canon 5D.

    Show Notes:
    Canon Firmware URL: http://www.canon.com/eos-d/

    Add to your iTunes: http://nikicruz.blip.tv/rss/itunes

    Ni Ki Cruz Photography Newsletter [09-154]

    Ni Ki Cruz Photography Newsletter

    Ni Ki Cruz Photography Newsletter

    Dear Shutterbug

    Photography isn’t just a hobby or a business, it is a language to its own. Through photography you are able to speak to people across the world and across time without having to say one word. A photo composed properly will show the emotion of both the subject and the photographer. A photographer sees what a photographer sees. And it is not easy to convey that into hundreds or thousands of words where one image would work.

    Pick up a camera to share your vision and experience to friends and strangers. Capturing moments is more than just placing memories in a book or in a digital folder. Capturing moments is about telling stories, either about your travels, life or that of your subject. Do your best to always push the envelope of your photography skills, tell a story in the image. Take a photo, and ask a friend what story does it tell them. Compare that to the story you thought you captured. Enjoy.

    table of contents

    Photography Workshop Mediacast: Canon 5D Mark II Firmware Upgrade and Test
    Photo Tip of the Week: 3 Tips to Getting Sharper Photos (Part 1 of 3)
    Camera Equipment and Accessory Reviews: Photoflex LiteDisc Circular Reflector, White Translucent, 12″
    Show Us What You Got Reader’s Photo Submission: Liz Fisher (Merced, CA)
    Get Ready for our Next Outdoor Photography Workshop
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    Get Your Hands on a Nikon D3 for $199 or a Canon EOS 5D MKII for $179

    Would you believe you can get your hands on a Nikon D3 for only $199. Or even get a Canon 5D Mark II for only $179. At these prices people would be crashing down the door and stampeding over anyone in their path to get hold as many of these bodies as possible.

    If you think there is a catch, well, there is. For these prices, you will have to return these cameras after three days. And that is only if you live in the Bay Area. I have discovered a local Bay Area rental store called Borrow Lenses.com. Borrow Lenses.com, is a Canon and Nikon camera and lens rental outfit. But for those who are not located within the Bay Area, Borrow Lenses.com provides rentals via mail.

    But you are probably thinking what the big deal is. How is that going to benefit me. If you look at it carefully, you are able to get the best of both worlds with Borrow Lenses.com. Instead of dishing out 3 to 7 thousand dollars for a high end camera body, why not invest $200 for a three day rental. You have the option to rent any of the camera and lenses and other photography equipment for up to 30 days or more.

    If you are just starting out as a photographer, this is the kind of place you are looking for to get your feet wet and to figure out what camera you are really interested in investing in later on down the road. In today’s economy, you don’t have 4 Grand to drop. You don’t even want to put that on your credit card. But investing $200 for a rental provides you with the opportunity to use the equipment for what you need it for and send it back once you are done with it. There is no need for you to worry about breaking it, or maintaining it. Are you one of those people who just likes to get the latest things and then not use them again. Are you seeing where I’m going.

    I will start recommending Borrow Lenses.com in my photography workshops for those participants who are interested in learning with the best professional equipment without spending the large professional investments needed to acquire and maintain all this equipment.

    With Borrow Lenses.com, you don’t have to wait 10-15 business calendar days to receive your rental equipment. Borrow Lenses.com uses FedEx 2nd Day or FedEx overnight to get that equipment where it belongs, and that is in your hands for you to play with. They cover the entire United States and if you are located in Canada, they have that taken cared of as well. You’ll need to contact them directly to make those arrangements.

    With Borrow Lenses.com, you will no longer have to dream about using the greatest and latest equipment. It is finally within your reach, when you want it. But you have to act quickly before someone else beats you to that rental.

    If you are a semi-pro that does work on occasion, now you’ll be able to increase your profit margins accordingly because of the low overhead cost for acquiring the right equipment for the specific job you have.

    Check out their website and see what equipment you want to start using. I have already placed my order for a 1:1 x5 macro. Saved me $1,200. And you can’t beat that, for now 😉

    Don’t forget to let them know you read about Borrow Lenses.com hear. Have fun.

    Proud Owner of a Canon 5D Mark II

    I am happy to say that I have received my 5D today and can’t wait to field test it. This is not bad figuring I ordered it only a week earlier and had to wait for it to come in from the warehouse.

    Of course, I would be going through MIDTERMS right now, so I will have to wait until the weekend to see how awesome it is.

    But for those who are not familiar with the EOS 5D Mark II. It is Canon’s newest “full frame” CMOS sensor, 21 Mega-pixel digital camera. What makes this camera so special is its ability to record full High Definition 1080p video. The 5D MII retails for $2,700.00 for the body, and about $3,500.00 for the full kit.

    I will be posting samples as soon as I get them ready this weekend.