Ni Ki Cruz Photography Newsletter [09-154]

Ni Ki Cruz Photography Newsletter

Ni Ki Cruz Photography Newsletter

Dear Shutterbug

Photography isn’t just a hobby or a business, it is a language to its own. Through photography you are able to speak to people across the world and across time without having to say one word. A photo composed properly will show the emotion of both the subject and the photographer. A photographer sees what a photographer sees. And it is not easy to convey that into hundreds or thousands of words where one image would work.

Pick up a camera to share your vision and experience to friends and strangers. Capturing moments is more than just placing memories in a book or in a digital folder. Capturing moments is about telling stories, either about your travels, life or that of your subject. Do your best to always push the envelope of your photography skills, tell a story in the image. Take a photo, and ask a friend what story does it tell them. Compare that to the story you thought you captured. Enjoy.

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