Trimensional Brings 3-D Object Scanning to iPhone

Kit Eaton, who writes for Fast Company wrote an intersting article on the latest 3-D object scanning to the iPhone.

A portion of what Kit writes is “You may have heard: 3-D is hot. So hot in fact that now it’s found its way onto a device you’d think had zero 3-D powers: The iPhone 4 (or most recent iPod Touch). It’s via a scanning app called Trimensional that uses the iPhone’s front camera, and no extra gizmos other than a dark room.

Trimensional’s makers Phlosoft are calling it the “world’s first 3-D scanner for iPhone” noting that the app lets you “instantly capture 3-D models of yourself, friends, and family and share the amazing results with the world.” Big promises, for a device that has no stereo-imaging camera facilities (like some of the new digital cameras hitting CES) nor any advanced infra-red depth sensors like those found in Kinect, nor any clever LIDAR laser-scanners that high-end 3-D scanning firms and movie studios use.”

I would recommend viewing the rest of the article via Fast Companies website at:

You can check out the sample video below: