Ni Ki Cruz Photography Newsletter [09-166]

Ni Ki Cruz Photography Newsletter

Ni Ki Cruz Photography Newsletter

Dear Shutterbug

How many ways you can you photograph the same subject. Well, that depends on how you use your equipment. I see many photographers rush to a subject and take that one head-on shot. How depressing when compared to all the potential shots you can capture if you take the time to analyze your subject and its environment. Learn to take your time when taking a photo and learn to force yourself to look at your subject from different angles. Beauty does’t have one view, beauty is hidden and it awaits for you to find it. Never stop shooting.

table of contents

Photography Workshop Mediacast: Using Your Flash to Control Your Light
Photo Tip of the Week: 3 Tips to Getting Sharper Photos (Part 2 of 3)
Camera Equipment and Accessory Reviews: POD The Silver and Blue Pods
Show Us What You Got Reader’s Photo Submission: Ulf Schnittker (Deutschland)
Get Ready for our Next Outdoor Photography Workshop
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