DVD Movies by Anna

OK Anna, you were doing well but it looks like you hit a wall with this one. Here is a good example of the importance of playing with your composition when you have a tough subject. So lets break this image down. First, did you notice all the white space in the image. Was this done for a specific reason?

Notice the focus on this image. Did you lock the focus before taking the shot. The focus seems to be on the top of the targeted subject vice the name. The name Walt has a certain design and flair to it. This would have given the image more life because of its design. Just ask yourself, what was being sold in this image. The limited edition or the title of the movie itself.

I do like the way the overhead light highlights the edges of the DVD cases. This adds a nice dimension to each of the cases. Do you think this image would have look better if you had placed more light on the other DVD spines displaying what titles they are.

Why did you position each DVD case as you did. Did you just pile them on? Did you just find them like that? Placement of your subject is important. You could have aligned each one to play with the titles to create a specific message. If you was just trying to sell the target subject, do you think you should have placed more emphasis on that one. Maybe by placing more light on it to make it stand out more.

Critique Questions for You:

  1. Is this be best angle you saw for this subject? You have multiple subjects here. Is each one placed correctly to help display your message.
  2. Was this the best lighting for your subject. You have a good overhead light, but the main fill light is weak. Don’t be afraid to use your flash. If your flash is to bright, go ahead and place a piece of dark fabric in front of it to dim your light. See if that works.


  • This image was the weakest of the three. It does have some pluses, but it looks like not much thought went into composing this image. Your previous images show you have an eye. And I didn’t see any of that in this one.
  • If you are shooting and you don’t feel “it” then don’t shoot. Put your camera down, step away and come back when you are refreshed. Photography is a passion, you are doing more than just taking photos when you press that release button. You are telling a story, you are selling a product, you are trying to grab someone’s attention. Does this image grab your attention.

Next Assignment:

Here is your next assignment, should you choose to accept: (mission impossible theme in background). Sunrise and sunset are one of the most important things which needs to happen in order for us photographer enjoy the golden hour. I want you to take three photos with the following focus in mind.

  • Standard Sunset (either wide or narrow focus)
  • Any object which the sun is shining on. The object needs to be illuminated in a way which would have its appearance changed because of the sunset.
  • A person looking at the sunset. No flash

These photos should be taken during golden hour. This is the hour where the sun is either rising or setting. You can have anywhere between 45 to 90 minutes to take your shot.

If you want more information on the golden hour, please visit this wikipedia link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Golden_hour_(photography). Good luck Agent Shutterbug. Remember, if you are captured by the photo police and given low ratings on your images, we will disavow you 😉

You can see more of Anna’s captured images by either visiting her blog http://annasangle.wordpress.com/ or her flickr portfolio at http://www.flickr.com/photos/aivzdogz/.

Other critiqued photos:

  • Covered Grill by Anna
  • Camcorder by Anna
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